Teaching kids about God in school scripture classes is many times more effective than any other adult ministry


- At Love Out Loud we want your kids to be the happiest, most successful and most loved kids in town. Our goal is that your kids will be filed with joy and peace but most importantly, filled with hope for a wonderful life. To achieve this for your children we want to introduce them to the God of the universe and so give them access all that He has to offer.


- Of the 3% of the Australian population who have committed themselves to God, 85% of these commitments are made before the age of 15. This statistic shows us that, up to the age of 15, people are way more likely to make a commitment to God than they would if given the same ministry later on in their life. And where do we find every kid in Australia and New Zealand who is 15 or under?? In School!!!

What is SRE?

- Special Religious Education (SRE) is a ministry of the local churches. In NSW its provision is legislated in the NSW Education Act of 1990. Under an SRE program, the churches provide a teacher to go into the public schools and teach Scripture.


- At the moment in 2020, SRE coverage in Australian public schools is as follows: Of the 100 000 classes each week, 30 000 classes have SRE and

70 000 miss out.


SRE is the most effective way to connect kids with our God.




As Jesus departed for Heaven His last instruction to us was this:

“‘All power is given unto me in Heaven and on Earth.Go ye therefore and teach all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever

I have commanded you.’ “

Matthew 28.18-20


As Christians this is our Great


To go and teach God’s Word in order that all may be connected to God.



We must provide 100% SRE coverage to all students in all schools. Do this by urging your local church to make SRE in the schools in your area a priority.



Having engaged young people with the provision of SRE,

we must then consolidate their

faith by providing continuous spiritual enrichment in an environment which is

engaging, rewarding and spiritually nourishing.



Love Out Loud Oz

- Love Out Loud is a not-for-profit charity established to provide Christian video scripture lessons to children in Australian and New Zealand public schools, and beyond.


- We create educational and entertaining christian videos that teach bible stories and valuable lessons through fun adventures!

- Our goal is to provide 520 video scripture lessons of 25 minutes duration, enough for 40 lessons per school grade Kinder to year 12.

- All our content is available on our website, it is 100% free for home and churches use


How can you help ?

- You can donate to Love Out Loud Oz on our website to ensure that kids grow up knowing God and have a close friendship with Him. With God as their friend, our kids will have access to all that He has to offer and their hearts will be filed with Love and Peace and Joy for the rest of their lives.


- You can "sponsor" a school by donating to Love Out Loud Oz. By doing so, you will help us to implement scripture classes in the schools in your area, maybe even in your kids' school.


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